It’s Official…Equity CrowdFunding!

If you recall, back in April 2012, Congress passed and the President signed the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) into law. The rationale behind the Act was to stimulate the economy by relaxing regulations on raising capital for startup companies. This was great news for filmmakers because the Act made it so much easier [...]

Consumers Demand More: Content-Related Apps

The talk at the major studios these days in reference to content apps is the use of the “second-screen” to create an immersive and interactive experience, as well as the profitable use of apps to increase content sales. The studios are doing this by increasingly providing apps for their films and television shows to satisfy [...]

Why did SAG and AFTRA merge?

In a huge turnout, over 80% of the voters from SAG and AFTRA chose merger, when in 1999 and 2003 they couldn’t get 60%. So what changed? Why now? And what does it mean to you? Clearly the two unions are stronger and more unified when combined. The New York Times described the merger as [...]

New Online Era

Recent deals indicate movies on the Internet are ready to become a gold mine for film producers. For years, it seemed like Netflix and iTunes were the only providers of online movies; and unfortunately, they did not pay producers a lot of money. But suddenly new Web-based services are appearing everywhere and are aggressively buying [...]

Hybrid Deals

Sundance Film Festival starts this week and the hot topic is “hybrid deals” – making a deal to open your film in theaters and on VOD the same day. Everyone wants to repeat the recent success of “Margin Call” (starring Kevin Spacey) which was made for $3.4 million, opened “day and date” taking in $5.3 [...]

Negotiating Music for Films

Generally, there are two ways to obtain music for a film. The first way is to hire someone (i.e. composer) to create music specifically for your film. The second way is to use pre-existing music (i.e. music not created for the film). The scope of this article is limited to the very basic issues affiliated with using pre-existing music in film.